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Doctor-Patient Protection Bill

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HB 351 Analysis
To prohibit insurers from offering coverage for abortion and contraception services, including IUDs and oral contraceptives.
Last week, Ohio state Rep. John Becker (R - Clermont County) introduced a bill to redefine what an abortion is under Ohio law. This tactic is frequently used by opponents of abortion rights to add new restrictions to existing medical services for the purposes of eliminating access to women’s health care services.
At the first hearing for the bill, Rep. Becker claimed that it wasn’t his intent to ban coverage for birth control pills, but he admitted that is what the bill does. To learn what else the bill might do, we’ve reviewed the official analysis from the non-partisan Legislative Service Commission. Read along to see what Rep. Becker has planned for YOUR health care. (Download a .pdf copy of this annotated analysis, or the original.)
When you’re good and mad about it, join the fight with a donation to Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio.Your contribution helps us distribute information about this and other attacks on Ohio women by Statehouse politicians.

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